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Board of Directors

Meggin Turk, President
Dinah Martin, Vice-President
Denise Clayton, Secretary
Sherry Mastick
Gail Madden
Barb Okeson
Toni Bridges
Bobbe Murray 
Elizabeth Clement

Educating and Inspiring Community Youth and Adults in Music, Theater, and Life...
From the Perspective of Master Teachers
& From the Heart.

Master Teachers

About Us

Troy Arnold Fisher
Artistic and Musical Director

Our Mission

Integrity and Accountability

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of teaching, musicianship, quality performance, and financial management. We are committed to transparency and accountability.

Our staff is a collection of talented, dedicated master teachers and musicians who believe youth will live up to your expectations of them. Our teaching and role modeling empower youth to achieve their highest musical potential and to understand their equal responsibility to give back to their community through music and the Arts. Our teachers believe music is a universal language with potential to bring peace, hope, and understanding to local communities and to the world. That passion shows in all we do!